Leaders of Africa Community

A Network for the Future

Leaders of Africa Community brings together thought leaders, researchers, advocates, and Institute Scholars and alumni in a supportive community to sustain and further multidisciplinary collaboration in pursuit of the greatest good outcomes for Africa’s political, economic, health, and social life. Leaders of Africa believes that community and collaboration are instrumental to a united, integrated, and global Africa.

Leaders of Africa Pledge

“I commit myself to further the cause of justice and equity in my country, the African continent, and globally. I stand unafraid to identify and question anyone engaging in behavior that contributes to injustice and inequity, including corruption and the protection of privilege. I also accept the well-meaning and respectful critique of others to ensure I maintain my commitment to justice and equity despite temptations to do otherwise. I pledge myself to the service of others regardless of their background and do all in my power to be a true leader of Africa.”

Community Guidelines

For a Respectful and Productive Community

The goal of these Community Guidelines is to assist all members of the community to successfully navigate the process of respectful discussion, collaboration, exchange of ideas, and support and feedback among many other activities. Members include distinguished African thought leaders, academics, activists, innovators, and Scholars and alumni of the Leaders of Africa Institute committed to justice and equality on the continent and globally. Leaders of Africa carefully selects members whose contribution is valuable to the Community. Members are welcomed to the Community by direct invitation or by confirmation through an open and rigorous application process.

Leaders of Africa Community fosters and strengthens mutually beneficial connections and collaborations between all members, stimulates interest, and enhances the involvement of members in Community activities. The Community is a safe space for the expression of diverse views and opinions; however, in order to maintain the integrity of the Community, it is important for members to uphold the Leaders of Africa principles of respect, honesty, and integrity. All members must affirm the Leaders of Africa Pledge.

Pillars of the Community

  • All activities and interaction must reflect the Leaders of Africa’s Pledge and mission
  • We expect that all members will contribute to the vibrancy of the Community by interacting, sharing, offering to help and mentor, and participating in educational activities.
  • We expect that all members shall treat and communicate with others respectfully, courteously, and professionally just as they would in an in-person interaction.
  • We expect that all members shall avoid making inflammatory remarks, defamatory remarks, personal attacks, using profanity, and making prejudiced statements against other members.
  • We expect all members to respect the privacy and personal information of others and not distort or willfully misrepresent the views of others in the Community or on external platforms.
Tolerance and Diversity
  • We encourage the participation of members from all backgrounds.
  • We encourage tolerance of views and opinions that are different from your own.
  • We also encourage diversity and independence of opinion to enrich Community discourses.
  • We forbid the use of members’ personal contact information made available through the Community Directory, including names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, for any commercial, advocacy, promotional, or political purpose unless a connection between individuals has already been established. Cold calling, mass-mailings, or solicitations of any kind are otherwise prohibited unless they occur on the designated announcement and solicitation forums.

Your Commitment

By becoming a member of the Leaders of Africa Community and activating your profile, you acknowledge that you fully understand and wholeheartedly agree with the Pledge and Community Guidelines. Welcome!

Ensuring Your Community

The Community Team will monitor the respect for the Community Guidelines and Pledge and respond to any concerns that may arise from members. The Community Team is willing to take immediate action to ensure respect for the Guidelines and the Pledge, including issuing informal and formal warnings, suspending membership, and terminating membership.

Tips and Tricks

Being an Engaged Member of the Community

Sharing and Uploads

  • Share personal and professional updates regularly. We want the updates!
  • No copyrighted material should be uploaded. All images must be either your own or Creative Commons.
  • Please keep image uploads to under 1 MB. You can compress photos using TinyPNG.


  • Share original blog posts for distribution in the Community. All parts must be completed (e.g., featured photo with Creative Commons attribution). Some posts require admin approval before posting.
  • With the author’s permission and in collaboration, some blog posts will be edited and shared outside of the Community in relevant public forums, including the Leaders of Africa website.

Engaging in Discussion Forums

  • When asking questions, please give them a brief subject line to allow members to identify the topic of your question quickly. Unclear subject lines like “a question” or “prospective idea” are not very helpful.
  • Please keep your questions as clear and as concise as possible. You can use the search function of the Community to find out if a similar question has been asked in the past and answered. There could also be an ongoing discussion on your topic of interest.
  • When you ask a question and receive an answer from someone that sufficiently solves your problem, please mark the response you receive as “Helpful” and then please go ahead and mark your question as “Answered”. Not only does this acknowledge the respondent for the help given, but it also alerts other Community members to the fact that your question has been answered fully. This will help to avoid several similar responses to the same question.
  • If you find a solution to a problem raised in a topic, feel free to post it as a reply so that others can benefit.
  • If you did not get an answer to your question, please take another look at your question and see if you could improve or refine it.
  • Answer other people’s questions and offer feedback. This makes sure members will continue to utilize the Community so you can expect answers to your own questions in the future. It increases your Community reputation and makes you feel good.
    Use emoticons and other symbols to indicate tone.
  • When posting in the Community forums, there is an absence of indicators that help one to decipher tone and your intention. In the absence of valuable voice tone, body language, facial expressions, and other social cues, emoticons and symbols (e.g., smiley faces) can help make tone and intention clearer to other Community participants.

Engaging Directly with Members

  • The Community allows direct messaging between members. You should use this appropriately and not for cold call messaging.
  • You should and can also follow and make connections with members.